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Ropecon pic-sites: Jyrinki

In August'97 over thousand men&women (and things) met at Paasitorni in the largest independent RPG-related convention in Europe. The official video/pictures should be somewhere..

The official mascot Dragon, guarded constantly by the request of Fire Dept, and

the many organizers

with numerous assistants,


and vigilant maids,

were prepared to meet

Fallen angels,

noble Madames,

elven ladies with mortal votaries,

sentient flora,

demons with their masters,

amazon warriors, and even


No wonder why people kept their weapons ready all the time

though the guests had no reason to worry,

bouncers were ready to take care of any problems

recording all minor details.

Some people even slept

in all possible places.
Lasse Antero Vartiainen <lav@iki.fi>
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