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My web links

Nowadays, in the age search machines with advanced technology, one doesn't really need link lists. So I'm content just to keep my bookmarks-file on the net (mostly for myself), and just list few sites I follow regularly.

News for Nerds indeed, some 10-20 arcticles every day, mostly about computers (pro-Linux stuff). Arcticles itself usually not that special, the active (and moderated) reader disgussion is more so.
Helsingin Sanomat
I'm used to reading the paper every day, but now that none of my room-mates want to subsribe it I have to resort to the net version.
Dilbert, Viivi and Wagner, xkcd and OOTS
The net-comics I follow regularly
Local television programs: decent site without aggressive ads.
Extremely useful database finder; includes all commuting timetables/routes in the capital area. I usually use my routes page with a few preset-routes to access it.

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Updated: 2008-08-18