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Most of my free time I spend at my computer: coding stuff, reading news and so on (though I try to avoid playing games much). Rest of the time I split between girlfriend, reading and roleplaying. Currently my only form of physical exercising is dancing, though my knees aren't co-operating fully. I used to do some karate, but that was eons ago..


Mostly I read Fantasy and Science Fiction, as well as lot of generic non-fiction (like astronomy, history, psychology, symbolism).

In fantasy section I'm avid Tolkien fan, preferring Silmarillion and Lord of the Rings over anything else; even studied little of Quenya. Other favourites include Ursula Leguin's Earthsea, Feists's Magician, Mika Waltari's historic series, Jordan's Wheel of Time.

In SciFi Ian M. Banks is definitive choice; his culture-series is splendid 'realistic' visio of future Utopia..especially with creative shipnames. I seldom buy books, but just had to get all of his. My other favourites include Card's Ender-trilogy, Asimov's Foundation, Herbert's Dune.

Computer Games

In college had plenty of extra time, which I wasted playing with Amiga. Nowadays I play just occasionally, except Worms World Party (regular apartment championship matches). Lately games like Civilization 3, Hitman 2 and Warcraft 3 have been entertaining.

Board Games

ORC has regular gaming evening, where we play lot of games like Britannia, Settler's etc. My favourite is Once Upon A Time, where players tell an old fashioned fairy tale together.


I try to follow following groups regularly (reading with Emacs/GNUS rather than Google):

sfnet.atk.turvallisuus sfnet.atk.linux sfnet.atk sfnet.atk.ms-windows.palvelimet sfnet.atk.ms-windows sfnet.atk.ohjelmistot sfnet.atk.ohjelmointi.alkeet sfnet.atk.ohjelmointi sfnet.atk.yllapito
sfnet.harrastus.kulttuuri.sf sfnet.harrastus.pelit.rooli sfnet.harrastus.pelit
sfnet.keskustelu.asuminen sfnet.keskustelu.avaruus sfnet.keskustelu.ihmissuhteet sfnet.keskustelu.kieli.kaantaminen sfnet.keskustelu.kieli sfnet.keskustelu.kuluttaja sfnet.keskustelu.laki sfnet.keskustelu.seksi


I subscribe to a few public lists, like

Lasse Antero Myyry<lav@iki.fi>
Updated: 2003-01-07