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Miscellanous Projects

Picture Collection

I used to take quite lot of picture snaps (not that I know anything about the art of photography, just lot of memories). Albums page lists a few older theme-collection of pics, while my server Tirannon holds a few thousands miscellaneous pictures, both in raw listings, as with perl gallery I'm testing.

Renaissance Dance Music

I've compiled and maintain ORC's collection of quite freely distributable music we use for renaissance and baroque dances. Check the info page for listings, online mp3 files and instructions how to get free copies (in Finnish).


Since '97 I've maintained a simple linux server, hosting a few of the services mentioned here as well as the homepages of couple friends. Though the main purpose was, and is, get practice in Linux sysadmin stuff.

Arctic Mud

I used to play Dragonlance based Arctic mud for a few years. In the process got nice friends from places like Russia and Denmark. For a while I maintained log and info page about the events within the realm (with a bunch of complicated tintin scripts).

Lasse Antero Myyry<lav@iki.fi>
Updated: 2003-01-07