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How to contact

Phone - +35840 512 9548 (Mobile/GSM)
The fastest way; you're welcome to call me at any time. If I don't want to answer, I'll keep the phone silent mode and call back to you later.
Email - lav@iki.fi
The easiests method of contacting, I tend to check my Email a few times a day.
IRC - IRCnet#orc
Now and then I hang on ORC's IRC-channel #orc, usually with nick 'lav' or 'lavs'.
Regular (snail) mail - my current Apartment
Karhusuontie 22-24 A 1
Bank account - Humppila-OP 506002-51340 / IBAN FI95 5060 0250 0013 40
Electronic billing address: FI1059227795059848 OKOYFIHH
In case you ought to transfer money to me (also notify me via lav@iki.fi).

Lasse Antero Myyry<lav@iki.fi>
Updated: 2007-08-01