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Not for ourselves but for the world we have been born into

Since '98 I've been using this signature which somewhat summarizes my view of life.


The first part of the signature reflects my ideology as a kind of (Restrictive) Utilitarianist, with the eventual focus on long term survival/welfare of the whole Society.

And the last part hints about our origins, or the meaning of the life: we (life/humans) just happened to be born.


A few years ago I happened to read an arcticle about a Brithish school which had latin words "non nobis solum sed toti mundo nati" as their motto. The author had translated it to Finnish as "ei meitä itseämme varten, vaan sille maailmalle johon olemme syntyneet", which I in turn translated to the form I've been using.

Later I found out the the school in question was The Liverpool Institue For Performing Arts (formerly Liverpool Institute High School for Boys, which folks like Paul McCartney of Beatles have attended).

Liobians page has even picture gallery with couple pictures featuring the motto:

LIPA Badge Motto on the building
School badge Inscribed on the building.

Lasse Antero Myyry<lav@iki.fi>
Updated: 2003-01-06